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TNPxDKfb Boxey Shape Complete.


TNP has teamed up with DK Decks to bring you the best low cost semi professional complete fingerboards on the market!

Now with 34mm TNP Trucks that fit all single bearing wheels and lock nuts as standard!


Perfect if your new to fingerboarding and don't want to spend loads on professional products or if you just want a new set up, these are great for beginners or seasoned fingerboarders. 


We use DK's very popular S6 mold, the decks are 34mm x 96mm. Each deck has beautifully stained ply's throughout and have medium/low kicks and low concave.


Included in the package:

1 x DK Boxey Shape 34mm x 96mm deck
2 x TNP Trucks 34mm (Silver)
4 x TNP CNC Urethane Wheels (White)
1 x Sheet of TNP tape
1 x Fingerboard Tool
4 x Wheel Lock Nuts
8 x Truck Mounting Screws


TNPxDKfb Complete Boxey Green 34mm

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