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34mm TNP Trucks Colours
Oak Wheels, The Norwood Project Fingerboard Store
Flatface Decks, The Norwood Project Fingerboard Store
Flatface wheels, The Norwwod Project Fingerboard Store 12-23
FBS Tape, FBS Bits Boxes, FBS Fingerpark Signs

TNP Trucks On Sale Now!

Grab yourself a bargain, TNP Trucks are now only £5.50 per set!


FBS Tape is back at TNP now!
Everyone's favourite tape is back in stock now as well as Bit's Boxes and Skatepark Signs!

Get some extra grip in your life!

Oak Wheels restock is live now!
If you love white wheels this is the restock for you! All 4 shapes of the best Fingerboard wheels on the market!  

Flatface Decks and wheels are finally available again at TNP! It's been a while but we finally have a restock of G15 and G15.12 decks as well as some of the ever popular Flatface Wheels! 


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