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FlatFace Frosted Bearing Wheels are a slightly softer, ultra smooth clear material, compared to our 'Z' material which is a bit harder. These were supposed to be the J material (after waiting for a couple years on backorder) but somehow came out clear, so, well, here ya go!


FlatFace G4 Bearing Wheels are our very popular larger sized bearing wheels, originally designed in 2007 and unchanged untill now, where they have been upgraded to work with blackriver trucks! 

G4 Wheels are wider and taller than our regular BRR Edition Wheels, changing the feeling and pop of your board. These are great for wide decks! 


These wheels are made of our most popular material, the ultra smooth white D material. Great on all surfaces, very durable and versatile. 


Our wheels feature real miniature ball bearings, just like a real skateboard wheel. These fit all trucks, but are specially designed for optimal performance and durability with blackriver trucks. 

Flatface G4D "Frosted Clear"

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