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FlatFace Frosted Bearing Wheels are a slightly softer, ultra smooth clear material, compared to our 'Z' material which is a bit harder. These were supposed to be the J material (after waiting for a couple years on backorder) but somehow came out clear, so, well, here ya go!


After over 16 years of making fingerboard wheels, FlatFace does it again with the latest improvement in fingerboard wheel performance: the FlatFace G8 Bearing Wheels are here!

Designed with Performance in mind, these wheels have the optimal size ratio, weight, shape, and materials to help you fingerboard at your highest skill level with the most pop, control, and comfort.

These wheels combine the technology of our legendary, sleek Street Shape wheel with added height, slightly taller than a G4 but a little skinnier, too.


Enjoy the ultra smooth feeling of a brand new set of FlatFace G8 Bearing Wheels. Made with high precision machinery right here in the USA, designed by professional fingerboarder Mike Schneider.


Our proprietary wheel materials favor the highest trick performance, with a strong balance on both feeling and durability.


All FlatFace Bearing Wheels are "BRR Edition" (so we've dropped that part from the name, for simplicity) and are best designed to work on +blackriver+ trucks. They are also compatable with Dynamic Trucks, and nearly all other fingerboard trucks, too!

Flatface G8 "Frosted Clear"

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